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Metric Versus U.S. Standard Measurement – The Reference Infographic

So you’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe for dinner. You even have all the ingredients on hand, making a trip to the supermarket unnecessary. Everything’s just going great – until you notice the weird markings right before the ingredients. Instead of 1 cup, you see 240 mL. Where there should be ounces, you see grams. (Or vice versa, depending on where you are located.)

When it comes to measurement, the use of the Metric System and the U.S. Standard Measurement System has long been discussed. While a large majority of the world’s countries use the Metric System, there are still a handful which adhere to the U.S. Standard. These differences can indeed result in a disaster in the kitchen if you do not know how to convert the measurements!

If you find yourself in the frustrating situation I just described, don’t worry – you don’t have to whip out a calculator and look up the conversation formulas. Just take a look at this infographic, which will give you most measurement conversions in a jiff.

Metric vs Standard reference infographic

Metric vs Standard reference infographic

Right click this link and select ‘Save as’ to download the infographic for reference.

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