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Searching for the best Recipes is Easy!

The key to providing a great service for the user often lies in the simplicity and when we started building our recipe search engine, we remembered the legendary words of the Google crew:

Search is simple: just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will search the web for content that’s relevant to your search.

Thus searching the web for recipes should be simple as well and we have decided to follow a similar pattern, also including an image based search.

Recipe Finder is all about providing a great service by finding you the best recipes online in one easy click.

Try our different search options and find what you’re looking for!

Finding recipes is simple

Finding recipes is simple

If you use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can click the microphone icon and speak your search query, thanks to the implementation of HTML5 speech function. This obviously doesn’t work if your computer doesn’t have a microphone. ;)

Image Based Recipe Search

If you like photos, you’ll love our image search. Simply choose “images” below the search box and type as usual. Instead of text, you’ll get the images of the recipes themselves. Great if you’re deciding what you feel like for dinner!
Give it a go with an image search for “cake”

When the images appear, simply “mouse over” to see the name of the recipe and click to its link.

Find recipes by image search

Search for recipes by image

Why not try it out with an image search for cake recipes?

Advanced Search Options

Searching for something in particular? Try two different ways to get the best results possible. Easy and always accurate.

Additional Search Parameters

Recipe Finder: Search by Box

Recipe Finder: Refine your search results

Just drag the sliders and refine your results based on maximum calories, servings and cooking time for your original search. You can also include or exclude ingredients.

Picture this:

It’s the day of your 3 year old’s birthday party and disaster strikes. There was a mix-up at the bakery and your son’s cake won’t be ready today. There are 10 toddlers coming in 2 hours so you need to come up with something!

Well here’s how our Advanced Search can help. Simply search for “cake”, and refine by sliding with chocolate (your son’s favourite) but without nuts (not popular with the under 5s), for less than 12 people, with less than 1000 calories, in less than 80 minutes.

Now check out these delicious recipes. Recipe Finder has saved the day!

Extended Advanced Search

For an even more precise search, click the Advanced Search link below the search form or below the forms in the sidebar. A new panel will open, showing even more ways to refine your search results.

Advanced recipe search options

Advanced recipe search options