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  1. cupcakes vanilla frosting food coloring vanilla wafers chocolate coins red licorice laces red, green, purple, and orange spice drops M&Ms tubed chocolate decorator frosting licorice pastels (Good and Plenty) chocolate-covered graham cracker red decorating sugar pretzel stick chocolate nuggets sugar pearls

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  1. For the map base and compass: You'll need a 16-ounce can of vanilla frosting. Spoon ¼ cup into a ziplock bag. Tint ¼ cup with yellow food coloring and place it in a ziplock bag, then tint 3 tablespoons aqua by mixing blue and green coloring. Reserve the rest. (You'll use the bagged frosting for decorative elements; snip a tiny corner from each bag before using.)

  2. Place 2 cups ground vanilla wafers in a large bowl. Frost 11 cupcakes with the reserved frosting and gently dip them in the crumbs to coat them. Frost another cupcake aqua. Arrange the cupcakes on a serving platter, then garnish with the extra crumbs and chocolate coins , if you like.

  3. Snip red licorice laces into ¾-inch pieces for the dotted map line. On a sugared surface, gently roll out 1 green and 5 red spice drops until fl at. Trim 4 of the red pieces into triangles for the map's X and the remaining red piece into a 1-inch square for the compass center. Snip the green spice-drop piece into a 1-inch square.

  4. Press all the candy pieces into place on the cupcakes, adding 1 brown and 1 red M&M to the dotted path and the X as shown below. Use tubed chocolate decorator frosting to pipe compass markings on the aqua cupcake.

  5. For the Bones: On a sheet of waxed paper, pipe vanilla frosting dots on the ends of licorice pastels (we used Good and Plenty) and let the dots harden slightly.

  6. For the Volcano: Use a serrated knife to trim one end of a chocolate-covered graham cracker into a volcano peak. Pipe on yellow frosting lava lines and sprinkle with red decorating sugar .

  7. For the Pirate flag: Use the knife to trim a zigzag edge on one end of a chocolate-covered graham cracker and pipe on a vanilla and chocolate frosting skull. Attach a pretzel stick pole with frosting.

  8. For the Treasure chest: Pipe yellow frosting onto the flat side of a chocolate nugget . Sprinkle it with sugar pearls , then press on another chocolate nugget.

  9. For the parrot: On a sugared surface, gently roll out a red spice drop until flat. Trim it into wings and a tail. Snip a small piece of an orange spice drop for the beak. Press the pieces onto a whole green spice drop as shown. Dot on two chocolate frosting eyes, then insert a pretzel stick perch.

  10. For the palm tree: On a sugared surface, roll out 2 green spice drops until flat. Snip them into leaf shapes and press them onto a pretzel stick.

  11. For the shovel: Roll out a purple spice drop. Snip it into a scoop shape and press it onto a pretzel stick. Attach a pretzel stick handle with frosting.


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