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  1. 1 1/58 kg sea cucumbers raised in water

  2. 160g fat lean pork

  3. 80g bamboo shoot slices

  4. 1 green pepper

  5. 1 red pepper

  6. Seasonings:

  7. Adequate amount each of salt, wine, MSG, pepper, sugar, soy sauce, broad bean paste, starch solution, lard, chicken stock, onion and ginger

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  1. Scrape inside wall membranes off the sea cucumbers and cut them into slices; cut pork into pellets; slice bamboo shoots; cut green and red peppers into thick sticks; chop half each of onion and ginger and cut the other half respectively into lengths and slices.

  2. Scald the sea cucumbers twice in common soup added with onion and ginger, scoop them out and pick away onion and ginger.

  3. heating the pot and pouring oil in, fry broad bean paste until the oil turns red, add soup to boil for a while, skim off the froth, pour the soup into a bowl to let it sediment.

  4. Heat the oil again, stir-fry pork until scattered, add green and red peppers, chopped green onion, chopped ginger, wine, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, soup with broad bean paste and sea cucumbers, boil them over mild heat for 10 minutes, add MSG and stir in starch solution for serving.


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