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  1. I often like to serve a special aperitif when guests arrive. Depending on the season, it could be a classic White Peach Bellini, like the one made famous by Harry's Bar in Venice, using the wonderful puree from ripe white peaches in the summer, or a Blood Orange Mimosa using winter's blood oranges that are refreshing and lend vibrant color. If I'm serving Spanish tapas, I'll create a sangria featuring whatever fruit is currently in season. Sometimes it's nice to serve a drink that's actually a dessert - an Italian "affogato" - an espresso literally "drowned" in ice cream or this fabulous Italian Lemon "Milkshake" that I always serve with my Italian Almond Crumb CookieCheers!

  2. Italian Lemon "Milkshake"

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  4. Mexican 75 Cocktail

  5. Orange Aperol Sunset

  6. Prado Cocktail

  7. Salud Mojito

  8. Strawberry Sangria

  9. The Margarita

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