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  1. for Canned Peaches Or Pears Recipe 2

  2. Fresh peaches Sugar Water

  3. Instructions

  4. Cut the fruit in halves (this can be done more easily before the skin is removed) and remove stones, or core and skin.

  5. Put into jars.

  6. For each quart jar allow two cups of sugar and a cup of water; make a syrup of the sugar and water, skim carefully and use to fill the sterilized jars to overflow.

  7. Add half a dozen kernels taken from the peach stones, before adding the syrup.

  8. Adjust the rubbers and covers loosely and let cook about ten minutes after boiling begins.

  9. Tighten the covers and let cool in the boiler, or remove one at a time to a pan of hot water and fill to overflow with boiling syrup, then adjust the rubbers and the covers.

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