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  1. 6 halved peaches

  2. 1 bottle chilled Prosecco

  3. 1/4 cup water

  4. 1/4 cup superfine sugar

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  1. Directions To start with the traditional peach Bellini recipe , you will need to grate the peaches to create a puree. Once the peaches are grated in a bowl, add the sugar and water to it and place this mixture in the pitcher. Shake the pitcher very well so that the ingredients are mixed well and then refrigerate it for a few hours. When you have to serve the drink, pour the fine sugar on a plate and invert the glasses over the sugar, so that the rims are coated. Then pour very little peach mixture into the glasses and add the Prosecco gently over it. Frozen Peach Bellini Recipe Ingredients 6 ounces Andre Asti Spumante 2 fresh frozen juicy peaches 1 ounce peach schnapps Ice cubes Directions For the frozen peaches, make sure you keep the peaches in the freezer for at least 2 hours so they are chilled enough for the drink. Once they are frozen, add the peaches and peach schnapps into the blender and mix well. Since you are preparing a cocktail, you can use a shaker to mix the drink. Add the peach mixture, the champagne and the ice cubes together in the shaker and give it a good shake. Freeze the drink for sometime before serving. Pour the cocktail in the serving glasses and you can add a little grenadine, to get color if you want. Lavender and Peach Bellini Ingredients 1 cup peach puree 1 bottle Prosecco 1 pinch of edible, dried or fresh lavender Directions This is a very simple peach Bellini recipe, where you don't have to manually puree the peach. Therefore, pour the peach puree in the glass and then pour the sweet sparkling wine over it (use chilled wine). Make sure you don't stir the mixture but pull out the puree with a spoon. Then place the lavender on the drink and serve it. With these great ideas for peach Bellini recipe, pick your favorite and try it at home. All these recipes are very easy to make. Try making them and serve them to your friends and family and give them an enjoyable and refreshing treat! By Aparna Jadhav Published: 10/14/2010 Discuss Email Article Use the feedback form below to submit your comments. Your Comments: Your Name: Use the form below to email this article to your friends. Recipient Email Address: Separate multiple email addresses by ; Your Name: Your Email Address: Frozen Bellini Recipe Bellini Recipe Recipe for Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Mango Daiquiri Recipe Summer Cocktail Recipes Party Cocktail Recipes Jungle Juice Recipe Long Island Iced Tea Recipe Pomegranate Martini Recipe Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe Pina Colada Recipe Bloody Mary Mix Recipe Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe Apple Martini Recipes Mai Tai Recipe Strawberry Margarita Recipes Traditional Margarita Recipes Brain Hemorrhage Drink How to Make a Depth Charge Amaretto Sour Ingredients Grasshopper Drink Grasshopper Drink with Ice Cream Brain Hemorrhage Shot Incredible Hulk Drink Well Drinks List Drinks Made with Rum Rum Drinks Well Drinks Vodka Martini: Calories in Vodka Martini Cosmopolitan Drink Vodka Gimlet Melon Ball Grenadine Syrup Mudslide Drink Blue Lagoon Drink How to Make a Bellini Bellini Cocktail Recipe Raspberry Bellini Recipe


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