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  2. Colorful Sugar Cookie Cutouts

  3. Quick Glaze -- recipe follows

  4. green food coloring

  5. M&M's Chocolate Mini Baking Bits

  6. powdered sugar

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  1. TO PREPARE COOKIES: Make recipe for Colorful Sugar Cookie Cutouts as directed. Using star shaped cookie cutters in 5 graduated sizes, cut 3 cookies from each of the four largest stars and 4 cookes from the smallest star, making a total of 16 star shaped cookies. Bake and cool as directed. TO DECORATE COOKIES: Using Quick Glaze ice both sides of one of the smallest stars; set aside to dry. To remaining icing add green food coloring until mixture is of desired color. Ice one side of remaining 15 star shaped cookies; let dry. TO ASSEMBLE TREE: Place one of the largest stars on serving platter. Begin stacking remaining stars from largest to smalles, using small dab of glaze to secure in place; alternate position of points of each star as stacking continues to create tree. Top tree with solid white star. Decorate tree by placing MandM's Chocolate Mini Baking Bits on all tree branches to create lights; secure with additional dabs of glaze. Dust tree lightly with powdered sugar to create "snow." Makes on 9 inch cookie tree. QUICK GLAZE: 1 tub (16oz.) ready to spread vanilla frosting; green food color. Open one tub of ready to spread frosting and microwave on high, 45 to 55 seconds or until thin; stir and add green food color until desired color is reached. Glaze cookies as directe


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