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  2. 3 cups milk

  3. 1 teaspoon curd -- beaten

  4. 1 cup powdered sugar

  5. 2 cardamom -- powdered

  6. few strands saffron -- (dissolved in a

  7. -- little warm milk)

  8. 2 drops rose essence

  9. 1 drop rose color 1 teaspoon sliced pistachios

  10. 1 drop green color 1 tablespoon chopped mixed dry fruits

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  1. Time required: 40 minutes plus setting and draining timeBoil the milk. When slightly cool, add beaten curd. Set curd for 10 to 12 hours. Tie the curd in a muslin cloth and hang for two hours for the water to drain out.

  2. Tie a strong cloth over a pan and add a small quantity of sugar and curd at a time and mix well over the cloth till the mixture is strained through the cloth. Repeat the process till all the curd and sugar is used up. Add cardamom powder and mix well.

  3. Divide the shrikhand in three equal portions. To the first portion, add saffron. Add rose essence and rose colour to the second portion, and the chopped pistachio and green colour to the third portion.

  4. Arrange three different layers of shrikhand one after the other in a tall serving glass, sprinkling the chopped nuts in-between. Serve chilled.


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