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  1. 10 cups 2370ml Water

  2. 4 cups 250g / 8.8oz Beef bones

  3. 2 Onions, with skin, - quartered

  4. 2 Coriander roots - chopped

  5. 4 Bai makrut - (kaffir lime leaves), shredded

  6. 1 tablespoon 15ml Ginger - grated

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  1. Recipe Instructions This soup is a popular light meal in Thailand, and often sold by "stop me and buy one" hawkers who pedal tricycles around the streets. The traditional form is made from beef offal, and contains cow's blood. There is nothing odd about this: cow's liver and kidneys are popular in Britain, as are the lights (lungs) - at least they were before mad cow disease! Blood is a major component in black pudding - a form of sausage that is also popular in Britain. However the dish can be made quite satisfactorily from any cut of beef, and the blood can be omitted, or replaced, as in this version, by red wine Bull's Blood is a heavy red wine from central Europe and is suitable (if only because of the name?) The noodles should be cut into easy to handle pieces (the Thais don't bother and eat soup with chop sticks (not used for any other type of food), but as this is an art that takes considerable practice, it is easier to cut up the noodles to eat the soup with a spoon. So here is a non-vampire version of kuaitiao neua: method break the bones with a hammer, and roast them for 15 minutes in a hot oven. Bring the water to the boil, and add the vegetables, and the bones to the pot, Boil gently for an hour. Boil vigorously to reduce to about half the volume you started with. Allow to cool, skim off the fat, filter through a fine sieve. Recipe By: Muoi Khuntilanont


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