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  1. 220 grams fillet of yellow fin tuna (approximately 3/4 cm thick)

  2. 50 grams baby green beans

  3. 50 grams baby butter beans

  4. 1 teaspoon preserved lemon

  5. 2 teaspoon kalamata olives (pitted and sliced lengthways)

  6. half red capsicum (roasted, skinned, cut into strips)

  7. 1 teaspoon crushed garlic

  8. 20 grams baby spinach

  9. 2 teaspoon olive oil

  10. 2 teaspoon flat parsley chopped

  11. sea salt

  12. freshly cracked white pepper

  13. apple balsamic vinegar

  14. lemon infused extra olive oil

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  1. Blanch the beans in boiling salted water, refresh and cut in half. Keep aside. (To cook the tuna preferably use a cast iron chargrill pan).

  2. Lightly coat the tuna in oil, season with sea salt. Heat the pan until quite hot, add the tuna and seal in a criss-cross formation.

  3. When both sides are done the Tuna should be medium rare. If the tuna is thick you may have to place in the oven for a couple of minutes to finish cooking.

  4. In a hot pan quickly saute the beans, add the capsicum, crushed garlic, preserved lemons, slices olives and baby spinach. Finish with flat parsley.

  5. Place in a serving bowl and lightly sprinkle with some apple balsamic vinegar. Place the tuna on top and generously drizzle with lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil.

  6. Serve immediately.

  7. Chef's Tips:

  8. Choosing tuna: select sashimi grade tuna from your fishmonger.or at the markets. It should have firm textured flesh with no veins, skin or blood, flesh should be a good rich, dark red colour. Always buy on day of serving and keep refrigerated.

  9. The art of cooking seafood is not difficult, it just takes fresh ingredients and in most cases a hot pan or grill plus a little olive oil and lemon to finish.

  10. The delicate flavours of the fresh fish should not be disguised with strong accompaniments. Cooking should be quick and the presentation simple.

  11. This dish is part of a three course seafood meal for six.


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