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  2. 1 pound mandarins/clementines

  3. (preferably "fortunas" or "clemenvillas")

  4. 6 passionfruit -- (6 to 8)

  5. 1 small pineapple -- optional or 1 can pineapple slices -- optional

  6. 1 ripe mango -- optional

  7. 4 ounces fructose sugar

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  1. Chop the passionfruit in half and extract the juice with a juice-extractor - or alternatively, scoop the seeds and juice into a sieve. Sieve the puree to remove most of the seeds and collect the juice. Similarly, extract the juice from the clementines. If you have a ripe mango, peel off the skin, collect the juicy fruit - cut off from the hard core) and puree in a food blender. Likewise, obtain a pineapple puree. Fill a saucepan with about 1 cm depth of water and dissolve the fructose sugar. (If you can't get fructose, ordinary cane sugar will work - though I find that fructose tastes better in this recipe). Heat the sugar solution until it just begins to boil and turn slightly yellow. For this recipe, it's very important that you don't overdo the heating - you're NOT making toffee! - A caramel taste does not go at all well with the tropical fruits. Remove from the heat and blend with all the pureed fruits and juices. Mix well. Check that the mixture is sufficiently sweet. If not, you may need to add a little more fructose syrup. Pour into a plastic freezer-type container (1 quart capacity) and allow to freeze overnight. No churning is required during freezing.

  2. Serve with fresh mandarin segments or fresh pineapple, with wafers, parasols, sparklers, etc. to taste. (...though you might think my tastes are slightly over t


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