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  1. Ingredients (serves 4)

  2. 2.4kg whole chicken

  3. 1/3 cup olive oil

  4. 2 tsp mixed dried herbs

  5. 8 small desiree potatoes, halved

  6. 600g jap pumpkin, peeled, chopped

  7. 2 medium carrots, peeled, chopped

  8. Steamed green beans, to serve

  9. You'll need unwaxed kitchen string

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  1. Preheat oven to 220C (200C fan-forced). Trim fat from chicken. Discard neck. Rinse chicken (including cavity). Pat dry with paper towel. Tie legs with kitchen string. Brush chicken with 2 tablespoons oil. Sprinkle with herbs. Season with salt and pepper.

  2. Place chicken, breast side up, on a rack in a roasting pan. Place pan on lowest oven shelf. Roast for 1 hour.

  3. Meanwhile, place potato in a heatproof, microwave-safe dish. Cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 5 minutes. Drain. Transfer to a heavy-based roasting pan. Add pumpkin and carrot. Add remaining oil. Toss to coat.

  4. After chicken has roasted for 1 hour, place vegetable pan on highest oven shelf.

  5. Roast chicken and vegetables, turning vegetables during cooking, for 45 to 50 minutes or until juices run clear when chicken thigh is pierced with a skewer (cover chicken with foil if over-browning). Serve with beans.


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