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  1. 2 c Joy dishwashing soap

  2. 6 c Water

  3. 3/4c Karo syrup

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  1. + Directions : Combine, shake, let settle 4 hours. For best results, use only Joy and Karo brands. TIPS: 1. For ease in bubbling, pour solution into a small bucket.

  2. To avoid foaming, do not stir wands in suds.

  3. If foam develops, scrape off with stiff card.

  4. Keep suds clean of dirt, grass, bugs, etc.

  5. Bubbles are best on humid days.

  6. On windy days, bubble in sheltered areas.

  7. Protect suds from direct sun, which weakens suds.

  8. While you're enjoying your bubbles, avoid walking on areas slippery bubble solution, wash slippery areas afterwards. From: Joey Mills Date: 07-27-94


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