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  1. 2 cups mashed potatoes

  2. 4 tablespoons cream

  3. 1 teaspoon onion juice

  4. 2 egg yolks

  5. 1 egg white Salt and pepper Cooked meat, cheese or vegetable Crumbs and flour

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  1. Instructions To the mashed potato add cream or rich milk, onion juice and salt and pepper to taste. Beat over the fire until smooth and hot. Remove, slightly cool, and add the beaten egg yolks. Form into cylinders, or cone shapes; make a depression in each, and into this put a teaspoon of creamed chicken, minced highly seasoned meat, grated cheese, or a vegetable in cream sauce. Press the potato around the filling. Beat the egg white slightly, dilute with a tablespoon of water, roll the croquettes in flour, egg and then in seasoned bread crumbs, and fry in deep fat.


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