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  1. Recipe Instructions Since peaches are coming in now, I thought you might ought to know what to do with them. Here is how to put them up. Get some quart size mason jars, and if your religious beliefs allow you to, sterilize them. Fill em up with peaches, whole ones are just fine. Then take some sugar and fill up the rest of space in the jar, covering the peaches. Screw a lid on loosely, wrap the jars in old copies of the Columbia "Daily Herald", then stash them away in the cellar for a while. A couple of months later maybe, unwrap a jar and see if the sugar has dissolved; if it has, the jar will be filled with a thin liquid syrup. If the sugar still hasn't dissolved, wrap the jar and put it back and wait a little longer. Now once the sugar has dissolved, screw the lid down tight and put the jars back on the shelf. Now about the fourth Sunday in Advent, go fetch them from the cellar. You've got some peach brandy. The semi-dissolved peaches remaining in the bottle are "conserved peaches" and awful handy to put on ice cream. The good thing I can say about Alabama is that its peaches are the very best. "Hale Haven" peaches, which they grow around Athens and elsewhere in northern Alabama, are the ones for which to look.


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