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  1. 2 c Canned lima beans,drained

  2. 2 ts Salt

  3. 1/4 c Olive oil

  4. 1 3/4 lb Cubed,lamb stew meat

  5. 1 ts Freshly ground pepper

  6. 3 Bay leaves

  7. 1 ts Ground coriander

  8. 2 ts Dried savory

  9. 1 c Milk

  10. 2 Medium onions

  11. 2 Tomatoes

  12. 1 Salt and frsh pepper to tast

  13. 350 deg

  14. 1/5 hours,adding

  15. 1 tes.salt after

  16. 1 hour.Check from time to time,and 1/2 cup milk.Cover and bake

  17. 30 minutes.Remove cover.Add remaining

  18. 1/2 cup milk,and continue to cook

  19. 45 minutes more,until meat is falling apart and tender.Remove from oven.Cover,and keep warm. Meanwhile,peel onions and halve them from tip to root.Place cut surface down on work surface and sliver each from tip to root.Toss with

  20. 1 teas. oil,set aside.Halve the tomatoes crosswise.Sprinkle with salt and pepper,and drizzle with some oil.Set aside. When it's time to put dinner on the table,preheat broiler.Place onions in heat resistant dish,and place under broiler.As tops begin to color,remove from oven,toss onions and then put back into oven.Continue this process,stirring until onions are tender,about 5 minutes.Place tomato halves on top of onions,and return to broiler for about 3 minutes,until they wilt.Do not let them burn. Arrange onions and tomatoes on plate.Serve lamb in one covered casserole and lima beans in another.Scoop up some meat and onions and wrap in tortillas.Serve with sour cream and salsa along with the lima beans as a side dish.Makes

  21. 4 servings. I realize there is no oven setting given for the baking.I guess it is an over sight on the part of Michael Roberts.I will try and get same...I.E.S.


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