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  1. 5 lg Chicken breasts, boneless

  2. cup water

  3. 2 Eggs, slightly beaten with

  4. tablespoons water

  5. Oil for deep-fat frying

  6. Sweet-sour Apricot Sauce

  7. 1/4c Apricot preserves

  8. 1/2c Packed brown sugar

  9. 2 tb Cider vinegar

  10. 2 tb Soy sauce

  11. 2 tb Cornstarch mixed with

  12. 1 tb Instant chicken bouillon

  13. 2 c Buttermilk baking mix

  14. 1/3c Chopped green onions

  15. 2 tb Oil

  16. 1 c Minced shrimp

  17. 8 oz Water chestnuts, drained and chopped 3/4c Bean sprouts, rinsed and drained 3 tb Soy sauce

  18. 1/2ts Dry mustard

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  1. + Looking for a new way to treat some leftovers, Margaret Thompson of Chicago, an innovative cook, decided to use chop suey as a filling for a French-style chicken roll.

  2. The dish was such a success that she went one step further and concocted a delicious Oriental-style filling of her own.

  3. Buttermilk baking mix gives the chicken an extra-crunchy coating, topped by a sauce quickly made from apricot preserves.

  4. To round out the menu, Mrs.

  5. Thompson serves crisp Chinese noodles or steamed rice, cabbage slaw with an oil-vinegar dressing, fruit compote with Chinese almond cookies and tea.

  6. Place chicken between pieces of waxed paper and with a mallet or broad side of a cleaver, pound thin.

  7. Dredge in baking mix; set chicken and baking mix aside.

  8. In large skillet, saute onions in oil until tender.

  9. Add shrimp, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, soy sauce and bouillon; cook and stir until shrimp are opaque.

  10. Add cornstarch mixture; cook and stir until thickened.

  11. Place 2 tablespoons filling at one end of each breast half; roll up and secure with toothpicks.

  12. Dip in egg mixture; roll in remaining baking mix.

  13. Heat oil in fryer to 400~F.

  14. Fry rolls 2 at a time 10 minutes or until golden brown.

  15. Drain; keep warm in 300~ oven until serving time.

  16. Serve with Sweet-sour Apricot Sauce.

  17. NOTE: chicken can be pounded and dredged and filling can be made a day ahead.

  18. Refrigerate until ready to use.

  19. Sauce keeps refrigerated at least one month.

  20. Sauce Combine all ingredients in small saucepan.

  21. Stir over medium-low heat until sugar dissolves.

  22. Serve warm or at room temperature.

  23. Makes about 2/3 cup.


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