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  1. 6 large Prawns

  2. 6 Pancetta

  3. 6 large Basil leaves

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  1. ea Thinly sliced Pancetta (Pancetta is cured Italian bacon, not smoked) 6 ea Large Basil Leaves 6 ea Jumbo prawns (buy 16-20 per pound prawns, peel & de-vein but leave tails on) Purchase 6'' bamboo skewers from the store. Skewer each prawn from the head just through to the tail (so it looks like a Popsicle with a tail). Have your butcher thinly slice the Pancetta (about 1/16th of an inch thick). Lay the pancetta out on a baking sheet and pop it in a 300° oven for about 2 minutes, just to warm it up. Wrap a basil leaf around each prawn and roll up tightly with a piece of Pancetta, covering the entire prawn and basil leaf. After you have finish all the skewers place them in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to set. The warm fats of the Pancetta once cooled will act as it own glue to hold it together. Get your grill good and hot and wipe it with a bit of vegetable oil to help the prawns not to stick. Cook both sides until golden brown and crispy. Pull 'em off and enjoy.


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