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  1. 2 kg Granny Smith apples

  2. 1 vanilla pod zest of

  3. 1/2 lemons

  4. 200 g caster sugar

  5. 115 g unsalted butter , softened

  6. 5 eggs , lightly beaten

  7. 100 g strong bread flour , sieved

  8. 75 g caster sugar

  9. 1 Granny Smith apple , peeled, cored and thickly sliced

  10. 50 ml calvados

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  1. Chilled apple pudding with hot Calvados sauce Method 1. Preheat oven to 190°C/gas 5.

  2. Place the apple slices in to a heavy based pan with the vanilla pod, lemon rind and sugar, stirring occasionally until the apples break down into a puree. Cool slightly.

  3. Lightly butter a loaf tin and set aside. Place the apple puree into a bowl, remove the vanilla pod and beat in the butter.

  4. Add the eggs, then finally the sieved flour.

  5. Spoon the apple mix into the prepared tin and cover with a little foil.

  6. Half fill a roasting pan with hot water and place the loaf tin in the centre.

  7. Bake the pudding for 45-50 minutes, until set.

  8. Leave to cool in the tin, then chill for a minimum of 6 hours, or overnight.

  9. Meanwhile, make the caramel. Dissolve the sugar in a heavy based pan until golden in colour. Add the apple slices and coat in the sugar.

  10. . Add the calvados and flame.

  11. . Slice the apple pudding, place on to plates and scatter apple slices over one edge. Drizzle hot calvados sauce around the outsides of apple puddings and serve immediately.


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