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  1. : 1 sm onion

  2. 2 cups garlic-minced

  3. vermouth

  4. soy sauce-dark

  5. salt and pepper-fresh ground

  6. garlic powder

  7. celery seeds

  8. paprika

  9. oregano-crushed

  10. basil

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  1. : First I peel and stuff the chicken with a small onion and a couple of garlic cloves, mashed -- then after trussing and putting on the spit, I shake a little vermouth over it, then a little dark soy sauce, salt and freshly ground pepper lemon pepper if you have it, garlic powder, celery seeds, and LOTS of paprika -- then I put on crushed oregano or basil onto the grill or in the oven/spit and cook until thigh juices run clear. The paprika is heavy enough to almost form a crust so the juices stay in the chicken. My son who cooks this for his friends calls it 'Monogram O Chicken'... In fact, he cooked it one time on television in Fukui, Japan...but they never understood the reason for calling it 'Monogram O Chicken


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