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  1. 1 c *noodles

  2. 3 c Water, boiling

  3. 1 x Salt

  4. 3 T Butter

  5. 3 T Flour

  6. 1/2 t Salt

  7. 1/2 t Paprika

  8. 1/2 c Milk

  9. 2 ea Egg, well beaten

  10. 1/4 lb Cheese, american swiss

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  1. Boil the noodles in salted water and cook about 10 minutes until tender. Drain and put into a well-greased ring mold. Melt the butter, add the flour and blend. Stir in the milk and continue cooking, stirring constantly until mixture thickens. Add the seasoning and cheese cut in small pieces. Cook until cheese melts. Reserve 1/2 of the sauce to use later. To the remaining sauce, add the well beaten eggs and mix well. Pour over the noodles. Set mold in pan containing hot water and bake at 350-F about 45 minutes. Unmold on large platter, pour over the remaining hot cheese sauce and fill center with any desired vegetable, such as peas and carrots, spinach or asparagus tips. Source: Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book - Fine Old Recipes, Culinary Arts Press, 1936. —– Archive January 2010 December 2009 July 2009 June 2009 April 2009 March 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008


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