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  1. 2 baked loaf cakes

  2. 3 cups yellow frosting

  3. 2 large mint patties (speakers) Fruit leather (tape and CD players) Assorted candies, such as Pez, Spree, sour rings, Good & Plenty, and Jujubes (various knobs, controls, and handles)

  4. 2 long, thin candles (antennae) shoestring licorice (trim)

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  1. For the boom box shape, cut off one of the long edges from one loaf cake at a slight angle. Use frosting to stick the 2 pieces to the second cake, as shown. Ice the entire cake with yellow frosting.

  2. For the speakers, use a toothpick to score a criss-cross pattern on the 2 large mint patties.

  3. Cut 2 squares of fruit leather for the tape and CD players and use a variety of small candies for the control buttons. Next, add 2 long, thin candles for antennae and outline the cake with shoestring licorice.

  4. Party Idea! Everything at this Music Party is sure to be in perfect tune.


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