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  1. 8 oz Tempeh

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  2. 1/2 ts Sage 1/2 ts Marjoram 1/2 ts Thyme 1/2 ts Cumin 2 tb -Warm water 2 tb Soy sauce 2 tb Oil ——-ITALIAN SAUSAGE SEASONINGS——-

  3. Garlic cloves; pressed 1/2 ts Red pepper flakes 1 ts Oregano 1/4 ts Black pepper 2 tb Flour 2 tb Oil 2 tb Soy sauce Steam tempeh for 15 minutes. Cool, grate on coarse side of grater. Mix together dry seasonings, then stir in water, oil and soy sauce. Press firmly into thin patties. Fry in a little oil until browned on both sides.

  4. Italian Sausage: Grate the steamed tempeh. Mix together dry seasonings.

  5. Combine tempeh, dry seasonings, oil and soy sauce. Press into thin patties or crumble on top of pizza before it is baked.

  6. From The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. Uploaded by Nan Blanchard; 73540,700 —–


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