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  1. 1 cup Round yellow lentil (Tur Dal) 4 cup water 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 2/3 piece (1/2 inch each) of cinnamon stick 2/3 piece of whole cardamom 1 small bay leaf mold (as you like)for decoration

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  1. In a pan add water and lentil. Start cooking. Cook until lentil is soft (Add more water if needed). Rinse and blend the soften lentil with a blender. In a non-stick cooking pot, add butter, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf. fry for 1 min, add blended lentil, add sugaer. Cook untill the mix comes out from the pot (you can ck it by taking some sampel out and if you can make a sound ball without having remaining on hand, then it's ready). Take the hot sample and put them in a pre greased flat pan, make a flat 1/2 inch layer and use knife to make any shape you want or put them in the mold and take them out when little cold. serve at room temperature.


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