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  1. 4 4-oz.filets of beef

  2. 1/4 ts Salt

  3. Freshly ground pepper 1 Cl Garlic,minced

  4. 8 Sl Prosciutto ham

  5. 4 Med Slices mozzarel-

  6. La cheese 2 tb Thinly sliced truffles

  7. Or mushrooms 1 ts Chopped fresh parlsey

  8. 1 tb Grated romano cheese

  9. 3 Eggs, well beaten

  10. 1/4 c Milk

  11. 3/4 c Fine bread crumbs

  12. 3 tb Clarified butter

  13. 2 tb Olive oil

  14. Juice of 1 Lemon

  15. 1/4 c White wine

  16. 1/4 c Chicken broth

  17. 1. Preheat oven to

  18. 375F.

  19. 2. Horizontally slice each filet butterfly-style-leave one edge in-

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  1. tact so filet is not completely cut through. Season with salt,pepper and garlic.

  2. In cen- ter of each filet place 2 slices prosciutto, one slice mozzarella and several slices of truffle or mushrooms.

  3. Close halves of each filet like a sandwich. Press meat together around edges to seal.

  4. Beat parsley and grated cheese into eggs.

  5. Dip meat into milk, then into bread crumbs and finally into eggs.

  6. Heat butter and oil in saute pan until bubbling hot. Add filets and cook over low heat until nicely browned on both sides.

  7. Drain off cooking fat. Add lemon juice,wine and chicken stock to skillet and place in pre- heated oven for approx.

  8. minutes-less time is required for rare, longer for well-done.

  9. Pour a little pan juice over each filet, then garnish with sprigs of watercress or en- dive.


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