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  1. Bean curd

  2. Japanses bread crumbs

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  4. 2?ie

  5. 8&s

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  7. banana

  8. olive or sesame oil

  9. green beans

  10. mushrooms

  11. rice ( I prefer Japanese medium grain)

  12. fresh cilantro

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  1. "chycken":

  2. Cut Bean Curd to look like a chicken cutlet and make sure it is not thicker than half an inch Instead of using eggs for breading, I mush a banana very and use it instead.

  3. Cover with Japanese Katsu crumbs Fry in a bit of olive or sesame oil until golden Curry and veggies:

  4. Water Golden Curry broken in pieces mushrooms green beans cilantro Steamed rice:D After the veggies are done, cut the "cutlet" in strips and gently put on top of the curry.

  5. Arigato :)


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