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  1. 1 1/5 lb gnocchi

  2. 1/5 lb smoked salmon

  3. 1 onion

  4. 1 egg olive oil , salt, white pepper

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  1. Recipe for Gnocchi with Salmon Cut salmon fillet into small pieces. Pour some oil onto a frying-pan to cover the bottom and fry finely chopped onion until it becomes transparent. Add salmon and pepper and simmer for about 2 minutes. Whip up an egg slightly with a fork. Pour 6.3 pt water into a pan, add 1 tablespoonful rough salt. When the water has boiled, put in gnocchi, stir time and again. When gnocchi have come up, take them out with a draining spoon and put on the hot frying-pan with onion and salmon at once. Add an egg and mix well. Serve gnocchi at once.


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