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  1. 1 loaf French bread

  2. 14 salami slices

  3. 14 Provolone or American cheese slices Lettuce Sliced tomato Mayonnaise Carrot strips Broccoli florets Radish Red pepper

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  1. Make a large salami and cheese sandwich with lettuce , tomato, and mayonnaise on the bread, reserving the bread heels for later use. Cut the sandwich into 2-inch pieces. Arrange these in a snake curve on a platter. For the head, halve one heel and open it to make the snake's mouth. Wedge 2 carrot strip "fangs" into the mouth to hold it open. Cut a piece of red pepper into a tongue shape and set it between the fangs. Add broccoli florets for eyes and radish slices for eyebrows. Use the remaining heel at the tip for a tail


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