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  1. I was looking for a lime marinade for a chicken that I was planning on doing in the

  2. convection oven...horrors, I did not have any limes, did not want to go

  3. out for some so looked in my fridge (yeah, the same one with all the

  4. sauce bottles) and I found some Hanifs Lime pickle, made in India. so

  5. Voila!!! I took two tablespoons of that, two tablespoons of chopped

  6. ginger, one tablespoon of chopped garlic, half cup of white wine, and spun it all in a little food processor...slathered it all over the

  7. bird, into a plastic bag, and into the fridge for about five hours, took

  8. 300F for about 45 minutes,

  9. and it came out absolutely perfect. Now I was going to add some more

  10. heat to this, until I tried the pickle, and remembered that it was

  11. loaded with mustard oil, and I decided not to, until I had tasted the

  12. end result. Am I going to do that one again? Am I ever though! Tonight

  13. we had hot and sour soup with the stock made from the carcas, and it was

  14. fabulous, along with plain Thai rice, and two steam buns, and I still

  15. have enough chicken left to do enchiladas tomorrow night. That Indian

  16. lime pickle is really great stuff. Just thought that you would

  17. appreciate this one. Cheers, Doug in BC


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