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  1. 48g Egg White

  2. 24g Granulated Sugar

  3. 22g Powder Sugar

  4. 2g Cacao Powder

  5. 5g Dry Egg White Powder

  6. 148g Milk

  7. 72g Egg Yolk

  8. 8g Granulated Sugar

  9. 20g Trimoline (Invert Sugar Syrup)

  10. 120g Chestnut paste (Kumamoto)

  11. 15g Chocolate (80%)

  12. 40g Cream

  13. 3g Trimoline

  14. 3g Glucose

  15. 40g Whipped Cream

  16. 35g Condensed Milk

  17. 145g Milk

  18. 5g Gelatin

  19. 2 1/2g Grue de Cacao

  20. 30g Cream 38%

  21. 20g Cream Marron (Saboton) QS Plaque Chocolate QS Marron Glace

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  1. --Prepare Meringue-- Make Meringue with egg white, dry egg white powder and 24g granulated sugar. Fold in sifted dry ingredients (powder sugar and cocoa powder) little by little. Pipe for a 45mm round disk. Bake at 70c in a convection oven (dry bake). --Prepare Chestnut Ice Cream-- Whisk 8g sugar and egg yolk until thoroughly combined and completely smooth. Bring 148g milk to boil with 20g trimoline. Temper the egg mixture by adding hot milk. Return above mixture to a saucepan and continue to cook, stirring with a spatula, until you get some thickness. Filter the mixture through a chinoise and add to chestnut paste. Freeze using a Pacojet machine. --Prepare Chocolate Cream-- Combine cream , 3g trimoline, and glucose in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Add chocolate. Strain. Fold the 90% peak cream in. --Prepare Condensed Milk Gelée -- Combine 145g milk, condensed milk, and grué de cacao in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Set aside. Add gelatine and pour into a hotel pan for 5mm of thickness. Refrigerate until fully set. Pull out a 9cm circle. --Prepare Chestnut Espuma-- Mix marron cream with cream. Pour into the espuma. --Decorate-- Using the photo for reference decorate the dessert with plaque chocolate and marron glace.


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