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  2. 4 lbs. chicken

  3. 1 bunch coriander leaves, chopped

  4. 3 tbsp. fresh ginger root, grated

  5. 4 bay leaves

  6. 2 tbsp. cumin powder

  7. 3 cashew nuts, optional, blend fine

  8. 2 c. coconut, grated or unsweetened desiccated coconut

  9. 3 c. hot water

  10. 1/2 c. cooking oil

  11. 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped

  12. 3 onions, finely chopped

  13. 1 tbsp. cinnamon bits

  14. 2 tbsp. turmeric powder

  15. 2 tbsp. cayenne powder

  16. 2 tbsp. poppy seeds

  17. 2 tbsp. lemon juice


  19. Soak the coconut in 3 cups hot water. Let it stand for a few hours and then blend it to a fine paste. Heat the oil in a deep pan. Add the onion and saute. Add ginger, garlic and all spices. Stir.

  20. Be sure that the spices don't burn. Add the coconut paste. Now add the chicken pieces. The smaller the pieces the faster it will cook. Once all the spices coat the chicken, add the cashew powder. Just before the chicken is done, add the coriander leaves. Mix the lemon juice and salt. If the gravy is too thick, add a little more water.


  22. Canned coconut milk can be used. Or you can make your own by transferring the grated coconut and its water to a cheese cloth, squeeze the cloth well. Add a little more hot water to the coconut and get a little more milk out of it. This makes the curry a little smoother.

  23. You can add a can of tomato paste after you have browned the ginger and garlic.

  24. 3 or 4 boiled potatoes can be added to the curry

  25. 10 minutes before you turn the stove off.

  26. 8 servings.


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