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  1. 1 Bunch spinich

  2. 1 Oil Black mustard seeds Crushed red chillis Turmeric Mint Yoghurt Lemon juice

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  1. + Directions : Contributed to the echo by: Jonathan Kandell Indian Food Recipes Put about four tablespoons veg oil in pan. Heat on med. Put in black mustard seeds and chillis and heat until mustard seeds begin to pop. Then add spinich and a tiny bit of water, cover, and cook on low for a few minutes, until spinach is practically done. Turn off heat, and add quite a bit of mint; stir it in well. Add a cap of Real Lemon (c), or fresh squeezed. Add two large dollups of yogurt--about 1/3 as much in volume as the spinach before cooking. Stir well and eat. I forgot one step: Before covering and cooking spinich, sprinkle with enough turmeric to make it look like dust.


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