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  1. 1 cup Icing Sugar:

  2. 4 tbsp Puff Pastry:

  3. 1 Sheet (10x10 in) Fresh Raspberries:

  4. 1 cup Sugar:

  5. 1 tbsp

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  1. Directions : 1. Preheat the oven to 350 F.

  2. Cut the puff pastry into small rectangles (2x1 in) and transfer onto the baking sheet.

  3. Bake them for 20 min or till golden. After cooling them on the rack, split them open.

  4. Meanwhile, In a small bowl beat the whipping cream with icing sugar until stiff peaks form. Leave it in the fridge.

  5. Into a pan add half a cup raspberry and 1 tbsp sugar. Cook on medium heat for 10 min or until the juice starts to come out.

  6. Transfer the juice into a strainer and force it through the strainer. Let the juice cool down for 15 min.

  7. To serve, place one layer of puff pastry on a serving plate. Spread evenly with the whipped cream and then place a second layer of puff pastry on top. Repeat this one more time and then spread a thin layer of whipped cream on top of the third layer. Place some raspberry on top of it and sprinkle over with icing sugar. Pour some of the prepared raspberry juice around it.


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