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  1. 1 pk Lumpia wrappers

  2. 1 1/2 lb Fresh ground pork (plain)

  3. 1/2 lb Chopped shrimp s

  4. 1 md Chopped onion

  5. 2 md Chopped carrot s

  6. 1 cn Chopped water chestnut

  7. 1 tsp Ground pepper

  8. 2 tbs Salt

  9. 1 tbs sesame oil

  10. 2 beaten egg s sweet and sour sauce

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  1. Thaw lumpia wrappers and separate. Mix all ingredients together. Make the eggrolls, sealing the edges with some of the reseved eggs. Bring canola oil to about boiling and drop and fry the egg rolls. Drain using paper towels. Cut or divide into serving portions (about 2 inches long) and serve with sweet and sour sauce. Option is to serve it with lettuce leaves which you use to wrap each roll - cuts the grease when you bite into each scrumptious roll.


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