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  1. 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

  2. 2 packages of Noodles & Sauce Alfredo flavor 2 quarts water

  3. 1 cup milk

  4. 2 Tbl Margarine

  5. 2 cups frozen Peas & Carrots Mix

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  1. Cut chicken into bite size pieces. In a large pot boil chicken in water for 15 minutes during last 3 minutes adding peas and carrots. Drain and set chicken and veggies to the side, reserving 4 cups of broth. In the same pot bring broth, milk and margarine to a boil. Add both packages of noodles & sauce. Add chicken and veggies back to the pot and cook over medium high heat stirring occasionally for 10 minutes. Yield: serves 4


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