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  1. 4 porterhouse-cut turkey chops -- see note

  2. 1 dry rub

  3. 1 -- seenote

  4. 2 peanut oil grilled root vegetables -- see note

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  1. Preparation : Note 1: Slice turkey breast across the breast bone 3/4-inch thick. Note 2: See the "Dry Rub # 1" and "Grilled Root Vegetables" recipes which are included in this collection. Prepare wood fire with pecan or maple wood and let it burn down to embers. Rub the turkey chops with the dry rub liberally. Put in a closed container and shake. Let sit 1 hour at room temperature. Remove from container and lightly brush with peanut oil. Grill over pecan or maple wood for 10 minutes on first side and 6 minutes on second until cooked. Serve with Grilled Root Vegetables. Recipe Source: GRILLIN' and CHILLIN' with Bobby Flay and Jack McDav


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