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  1. 1 lb Tomatoes, cored

  2. 1 bn Green onions, trimmed and -washed

  3. 1/2 bn Fresh cilantro

  4. 1 tb Vegetable oil

  5. 3 Serrano chiles, stemmed

  6. 1 tb Garlic puree

  7. 1 tb Lime juice

  8. 1 ts Salt

  9. 1/2 ts Freshly ground white pepper

  10. 1/2 ts Ground oregano

  11. 1 c Water

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  1. "Quemada" literally means "burnt" -- and that is what is done to the tomatoes and green onions, giving the salsa a smoky flavor and rich color.

  2. Place tomatoes and green onions on a hot mesquite grill (over hot coals, not flames).

  3. Pile the cilantro on top, so that it does not touch the grill.

  4. Grill the vegetables 10 to 15 minutes, or until the peppers are soft.

  5. Place the v getable oil in a saute pan over medium-high heat.

  6. Add the serranos and saute until he peppers are soft.

  7. Place the serranos, tomatoes, onion,and cilantro in a food pr cessor fitted with the metal blade.

  8. Process until coarsely ground.

  9. Remove tomato mi ture to mixing bowl and stir until ingredients are evenly distributed.

  10. In a separat bowl, mix garlic, lime juice, salt, white pepper, oregano, and water until well- b ended.

  11. Add garlic mixture to ground vegetables and mix thoroughly.

  12. Makes about 3 cups Recipe by: Houston Chronicle Compliments of: Kathleen's Recipe Swap Page http://www.

  13. cyberspc.

  14. ca/~netdir/recipe


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