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  1. 12 Corn Tortillas - seeNote (large) (or use store-bought tortillas) - cut in

  2. 6 wedges each 1/2 teaspoon 2 1/2ml Salt

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  1. Recipe Instructions * Note: See the "Corn Tortillas" recipe which is included in this collection. Pour the oil into a large pot, to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, and heat to 375 degrees. Test by dropping in a piece of tortilla. If it bubbles immediately and rises to the surface, the oil is ready. Fry the wedges a handful at a time, stirring to separate, until very lightly browned, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove with a strainer or slotted spoon, shaking off excess oil, and transfer to paper towels to drain. Sprinkle with salt while still warm, and continue frying in batches. This recipe yields 4 to 6 servings as an appetizer with dips.


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