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  1. 2 lb Mung bean sprouts

  2. 1 ts Crushed

  3. 2 c Boiling salted water

  4. 2 tb Toasted sesame seeds

  5. 2 lg Green onions, tops only, MSG -finely chopped

  6. 2 tb Sesame seed oil

  7. 1 ts Salt

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  1. Pinch or cut the root end from mung bean sprouts; wash sprouts well. Drop sprouts into boiling water, cover, turn off heat and let sit for 2 or 3 minutes (sprouts should remain crunchy). Drain, but do not rinse. In a medium-size bowl, combine sprouts with green onion tops, salt, garlic, sesame seeds, flavor enhancer and sesame oil; mix well to blend. Makes 10 side-dish servings. --


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