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  1. Rice : 1/2 kg

  2. Black gram dhal : 1/4 kg

  3. Bengal gram dhal : 200 gms

  4. Jaggery : 150 gms

  5. Elaichi : as required

  6. Oil for fry

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  1. First soak the rice and black gram dhal for five to six hours.

  2. Boil the bengal gram dhal in water.

  3. Grind the rice and black gram dhal like a paste.

  4. With boiled bengal gram dhal add jaggery and elaichi and cock it till dry.

  5. Divide the dhal mixture into even sized portions. Shape each portion like a ball (size as you like).

  6. The dhal portions cover with the rice and black gram dhal paste.

  7. Take the oil in frying pan and heat the oil and fry the covered dhal portions.


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