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  1. I would be happy to tell you the "real way" to fix your dried red chilies you bought from Safeway.

  2. Boil them in water until soft, but not over done, or they will become bitter.

  3. Next, take out the seeds if you don't want them to be too hot. Leave in the seeds if you want it hot. Remember, how hot the pepper is will depend on how hot your finished product is, and whether you want to leave the seeds in or not. Next, blend chile in blender, and make sure you use the same water you used to boil them in! Makes a lot of difference in the flavor--very important. How much water you use will also have an effect on how hot or strong the chile will taste. Start with not to much water when you blend them, and if you think it is too hot, or strong, add a little more water until it taste the way you want it, and blend in. That's i


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