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  1. 3 pounds Pork ribs, cut in

  2. 2" pieces across -- across the bone -- separated into indiv

  3. 1 small jar orange marmalade

  4. 1 small jar plum jam

  5. 1 bottle soy sauce

  6. 2 teaspoons Ground fresh ginger

  7. 1 whole garlic -- chopped

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  1. Preparation : The day before cooking: Cut ribs into portion size, salt and pepper. Place in deep pan, big enough to hold ribs and sauce. Mix soy sauce, marmalade, plum jam, garlic and ginger. Pour over ribs. Cover with foil (airtight). Put in refrigerator overnight. Next day, stir and mix the sauce and ribs well. Cover with foil (again, airtight). Cook in the pan on the grill for 3/4 hour or until tender. Take out, put on grill rack and brown. Takes only a few minutes.


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