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  1. 1 Playtex Glove

  2. Water to fill the glove

  3. Food coloring

  4. 1 Stout rubber band 1 Bowl of punch

  5. Turn the Playtex glove inside out so the flannel is on the outside. Choose a food color that contrasts with the color of the punch. Color sufficient water to fill the latex glove then seal the glove with the rubber band. Put the water-filled glove in the deep freeze (you can use the refrigerator freezer, but the deep-freeze will be colder) and allow to freeze solid (overnight, at least). When the punch is ready for serving, remove the glove from the freezer. Run hot water over it - not too long, just enough to unstick the glove from the ice. Peel the glove off the "hand" and place the hand in the punch where it will float and keep the punch cool.


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