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  1. tofu - 1/2 of market wooden board

  2. 300g radish

  3. 100g sweet potato flour

  4. 10g cilantro

  5. Seasonings:

  6. 1/5 tbsp oil

  7. 1/5 tbsp soy paste

  8. A little salt and sugar

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  1. Cut tofu and deep fry until crispy.

  2. Cut radish into long sticks and then make roll-cuts. Rinse cilantro and cut into small sections.

  3. Dig out some soft part from the center of the step 1. Dip cornstarch and deep fry again.

  4. Cook six ladles of water with radish until radish is soft.

  5. Add step 3 into step 4 and cook for another two minutes. Remove to serving bowl.

  6. Put cilantro on top.


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