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  1. 1/4 c Corn Oil

  2. 1 md Young Eggplant

  3. 1 1/2 lb

  4. 1 md Onion finely chopped

  5. Red or Vidalia 2 cl Garlic smashed and chopped

  6. 2 tb Fresh Parsley

  7. 1 c Italian Tomatoes cut up

  8. cups - 28

  9. 1/2 c Red Wine

  10. 4 oz Mushrooms cut up (large)

  11. 1 tb Fresh Oregano

  12. 2 tb Fresh Basil

  13. 1 1/2 ts Salt

  14. 1 tb Sugar if needed. See Note

  15. -OPTIONS 1/2 lb Italian Sausage See Note

  16. 3/4 lb Ground Meat See Note

  17. 3/4 lb Chicken Strips See Note

  18. 1/2 lb Pork Cubed See Note

  19. 1/2 hour to adjust sugar. Eggplant, peel and cut into 3/4 inch or so cubes. Wine, any dry wine will do, but Cabernet Sauvignon is now inexpensive and bold- "Vendange

  20. 1992 is what I use." : PRE-PREP: Mince onion, cube eggplant, smash and mince garlic, mince parsley, open cans of tomato and tomato paste, pour some wine for yourself. : METHOD: Heat oil till v hot, add onions and eggplant and stir often, the goal is to sweat nearly all of the fluid out of the vegetables. Add garlic, stir well and give the garlic a minute to blend. Add Tomatoes, stir well, add wine, and tomato paste, mix to blend, add parsley, oregano, and basil. Stir to blend well and simmer uncovered for about 15 minutes stirring often. Add option if desired, simmer for another

  21. 15 minutes. Taste and decide if the sauce needs some sugar, (sometimes the eggplant are a bit bitter and sugar is required). Add sugar if required and simmer for another

  22. 20 minutes or so. Add salt and stir well, taste the sauce and adjust seasoning at this point. MSN

  23. 45 minutes to an hour, of course any sauce will be better the second day. : OPTIONS: Sausage, Pierce and steam the sausage to cook through and to exude some of the fat from the sausage or brown it well and drain the fat. Ground Meat, brown any lean ground meat in a skillet and drain. Chicken Strips, or cubes, grill or brown skinned chicken strips, or use turkey or duck. Pork cubes, grill or lightly brown lean pork chunks. Some folks will not eat Possum or Beaver unless it is made into this fine sauce.


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