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  2. 1 angle food cake - fresh baked or purchased.

  3. 1 jar low cal raspberry jam

  4. 1 large sugar free raspberry jello (6 serving box)

  5. 1 large package instant vanilla pudding sugar free

  6. 1/2 cup dry sherry - not cooking variety

  7. 1 maraschino cheeries -- (1 to 3) with stems

  8. 3 fresh mint leaves or similar garnish.

  9. cool-whip lite.

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  1. Takes up to two days to prepare properly Break angel cake in medium size pieces, spread each with small amount of Raspberry Jam, arrange in straight sided glass bowl. Pour over the sherry and weight down lightly with saucer and cover with plastic wrap, set aside for a few hours. After sherry has been absorbed, mix Jello according to directions, do not use ice. Pour over cake and sherry in the bowl. Cover and place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight until jello is set. Before serving, prepare Vanilla Pudding mix and pour over top of jello, using a knife to slide down sides of bowl to allow some of the pudding to go down sides. Cover and chill again. Garnish with cherries and mint, or use some of the candied holiday fruits to decorate top of bowl. When serving, be sure to slide spoon to the bottom of the bowl for each serving, not only for the colors of the different layers, but to be sure each serving gets the flavor of the sherry. Top with a small dollop of Cool Whip Lite.


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