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  1. 3 lb Dry kidney or pinto beans

  2. - cooked; -OR- 64 oz -Canned beans

  3. 30 oz Stewed tomatoes; undrained

  4. 4 oz Canned diced jalapenos

  5. - more or less to taste 1 lg Red onion

  6. - cut in large chunks 1 Garlic clove; smashed

  7. 1 ds Salt

  8. 1 lb Ground beef

  9. - browned and drained 1/2 lb Rattlesnake meat

  10. - in bitesized pieces - browned Broken tortilla chips (opt.)(can substitute quail, dove, chicken, rabbit, or pork) Put cooked beans into large pot, add tomatoes, jalapenos, onion, salt, garlic, ground beef and rattlesnake (or other) meat. Simmer 10 minutes to heat thoroughly. For chili pie put some broken tortilla chips in bottom of bowl and spoon beans over chips. Posted by Pamela Newton (VKBB14A) who said it came from the Phoenix Gazette by Dale Keyrouse.


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