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  1. 3 6" round cakes Red frosting

  2. 3 straws

  3. 6" cardboard circle Wooden dowel White frosting Gumdrop Gumballs Fondant tinted gray Chocolate gold coin

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  1. Frost (3) 6" round cakes in red, then stack for base. Insert three straws (for support) cut to the height of base cakes. Place a 6" cardboard circle on top of base (pre-cut a hole in center of circle.) Insert wooden dowel through center hole and down through base cakes. Cut 1" off of top of wonder mold cake. Place center of wonder mold cake through wooden dowel to sit on base. Frost white. Place 1/2 ball cake (flat side down) through remaining dowel to sit on wonder mold cake. Frost red. Finishing touches: Place red gumdrop at top. Attach gumballs with frosting. Cut rolled fondant tinted gray to look like center plate. Place chocolate gold coin in center slot. Cut small hole at bottom. Frost in black and place gumballs overflowing out.


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