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  1. 6 fresh chicken livers

  2. 3 bacon slices cut in half

  3. 3 large seedless grapefruit (pink or white) halved.

  4. 6 pats real butter

  5. 6 large teaspoons brown sugar

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  1. Preparation : PREHEAT OVEN TO BROIL ...wrap 1/2 bacon slice around each chicken liver and fasten with toothpick... place on broiling pan...broil 5 to 7 minutes... remove from oven and set aside... split each grapefruit in half and place on baking sheet... place on pat of butter in center of each grapefruit half... place one bacon wrapped chicken liver (cooked side down) in center of each grapefruit half (skewer with longer wooden skewers if desired)... sprinkle each half with brown sugar... broil 10 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked and grapefruit is golden.


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